Welcome to Grit Kitchen, the home of Karlstad’s most delicious burgers! Our story began in 2016 as Street Friends, where we started serving thousands of burgers from a sea freight transport container, quickly becoming a hit in Karlstad for our amazing flavors and affordable prices.

As our popularity grew, we outgrew the container and opened a restaurant inside Våxnäs, where we’ve created a cozy, outdoor-inspired environment with pallets, wood, and metal. In 2019, we rebranded ourselves as Grit Kitchen, but we’ve kept our focus on bold flavors and a can-do attitude that reflects our name, which means we work hard and do it well!

At Grit Kitchen, we make all of our burgers from scratch, using only the finest, locally-sourced beef from our beloved Värmland. Our burgers are seasoned simply, but packed with flavor that will leave you craving more. And, for those who prefer vegetarian options, we also offer a delicious veggie burger made with mushrooms, asparagus and halloumi or vego-burgers.

At Grit Kitchen, we’re committed to providing our guests with a dining experience that is both delicious and welcoming. So come on in and discover why our burgers and dishes have become astaple in Karlstad’s culinary scene.